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Because I say hi to you, though I don't particularly like you, doesn't mean i'm fake, just means i'm mature enough to not let you bother me

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i just an a pretty princess and you may find me on instagram I'll be follow you back dear readers. instagram : sylviaamuhd

Happy New Year~ ^_^}
Saturday, 31 December 2011 | 9:54:00 am | 0Comment

hye.. ^^ Selamat Datang 2012..
aku berharap  thn ni hdp aku akn lbh bmakna ..
drpd sblom nie...
firstly,  aku doakan agr ibu ayh dpnjngkan 
lps 2, agr ibu ayh d mrahkan rezeki yg halal..
heheheh... :D
n aku nx hbgn cinta aku dgn my hubby bucuk..
akn kekal n bthan lame...
hrp dose-2 thn lpz akn dmaafkan oleh..
sspe sje yg kenal aku or WE...
#start frm ths second i'll change my life..i wanna be the best of the best !!!  and just think POSITIVE thing!!!