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Monday, 13 October 2014 | 9:03:00 pm | 0Comment

hi guys, ehehe lama vi tak update blog ni
well,no time cuz i, very busy with my study..
and on 27 october is the date that i have to face my final exam..
omjayyyyy i cant believe it,rasa macam baru habis orientasi tup tup
dah nak habis sem1...
times fly so fast..and yup i am not ready yet..
i got 6 subject for this sem and all of them was killing meyh!
hahah wish me luck guys..
but im going to tell u guys that on 27 october is my birthday
aghhhhhh! holy shit oh oh~
what a badass months hmmmm
orang time birthday suka ria,yang vi tengah berduka laraaaa
hmmm semua yang berlaku mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya yup!
i really hope pointer nanti okay arghhh taknak kene buang "U"
hmmm UTM kan~ so a bit tough
subject yang vi ambil for this sem :
1. English Proficiency
2. Business Mathematics
3. Financial Accounting 1
4. Computer Application
6. Principle of Management
stresssssssss af!